White Mold on Seedlings – Part 1

Today, I found some white mold on my seedlings which are only 4 days old.  The white mold is mostly harmless but try taking few simple steps to avoid it and prevent it from reoccurring in the future.

Sprouts Emerging from the Soil

In my previous post I shared how to start growing seeds indoors with a seed germination station.  Everyday I check on my seedlings to see how they’re doing.  It’s been about 4 days since I’ve started this batch of seeds and the sweet basil seeds are just starting to emerge.

Sweet Basil Seeds Germinating
Sweet Basil Seeds Emerging

White Mold On Seedlings

When I went to inspect the chives, I found what appears to be white mold growing in a few of the flats.  You can see in the image below just to the left of center the white fuzzy mold.

White Mold on Seedlings
White Mold (front left of center)

This is a common problem in starting seeds that is high humidity and/or over-watering. If not taken care of, this will cause your delicate seedlings to die and may spread to other seedlings. This is definitely something to be avoided.

Mold Fighting Strategies

There are a few strategies we can try to reduce the humidity.

  • Air circulation with a fan
  • Propping up the dome

I’ll start with trying with propping up the dome.

Use Popsicle sticks or in my case Chopsticks leftover from last week’s Sushi bender to prop up the dome.  This should reduce the humidity inside. Now that the dome is lifted, I’ll need to monitor the soil moisture closely as the soil will dry out quicker.

Continue reading in my next post on what to do about the existing white mold.

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