PixInsight: Generalized Extreme Studentized Test Rejection Algorithm

This post is a collection of notes regarding PixInsight’s Generalized Extreme Studentized Test Rejection Algorithm. It is gathered from the following PixInsight forum post. An explanation of the algorithm can be found on NIST. ESD Significance Parameter The ESD significance parameter does not define a Boolean condition (reject or don’t reject) over the whole stack.... » read more

The Elephant’s Trunk Nebula

This summer’s target is the Elephant’s Trunk Nebula which is a small part of IC 1396, an emission nebula located in the Cepheus constellation. Equipment To capture this target I am using the following setup: Telescope: Williams Optics RedCat 51 Filter(s): Optolong L-Pro 2″ filter Camera: ASI2600MC Pro Mount/Star Tracker: Starwatcher Sky Adventure Pro EAA:... » read more