Replacing Couch Cushion Foam

After reading this post, you may want to try replacing your couch cushion foam with new custom cut foam to fix your sagging couch problems. I recently replaced my couch’s cushion foam with new custom cut foam from foam by mail and it feels great.  Most couch cushions need to be replacement after 5 to 7 years as the foam loses support due to natural degradation.


About 6 years ago I purchased my big comfy red leather couch.  I miss the support that the couch used to give in its early years and longed to return to the level of comfort of a brand new couch.  It turns out that its possible to replace the couch cushion foam just like your bed’s mattress without spending a fortune.  In this post I will detail how I fixed my couch and added a few more years to its life without breaking the bank.  I have a feeling if you’re reading this, you’re not quite ready to get rid of your couch either.

Replace my Couch Cushions?

Determine if your couch cushion foam needs to be replacing.  A few searches online can provide you with tips on diagnosing your couch’s problems. Started with this post on WikiHow I figured out it wasn’t the springs or wood that was broken, but instead the couch cushions.

Why does good foam go bad?

As it turns out, most couches are built with foam that lasts anywhere from 5-7 years. After this time, just like your bed’s mattress, the foam breaks down and provides less support.  Replacement foam cushions can be purchased with different types of densities and materials that can last up to 16 years.

Choices for Fixing a Sagging Couch Cushion

A few choices for fixing a couch cushion are:

  • Adding more filling
  • Adding more batting
  • Replacing the cushion

I chose the option of replacing the cushion foam entirely.  After a quick search I found foam by mail provides custom cut foam to replace failing couch cushions.


Measuring Your Existing Cushions

The first step to ordering custom cut replacement foam is to measure the existing couch cushions.  Following these useful instructions for measuring your existing cushions identify the correct replacement foam cushion dimensions.

Start by removing the covers from the existing couch cushions and setting the foam aside.

Next, I measure the couch cushion cover from seam to seam and record dimensions, length, width and height. in my notebook. Additional measurements may be needed if measuring an oddly shaped cushion.

Sketch out the couch cushions and record the actual measurements.  My measurements are taken to the nearest quarter inch.


Couch Cushion Measurements
Couch Cushion Measurements

Next, I adjust the measurements according to the measurement guide.  This results in about a 0.5″ increase from the actual measurements.  Luckily all of my couch cushions are the same shape, so I only need one set of measurements.

Placing the Order

When placing the order, a few decisions need to be made on the type of foam to purchase.

Foam Type and Density

In selecting the foam, consider the desired firmness and type.  I used the guide available on the foam by mail website to determine the type of foam that best suits my need.  In this case I went with the highest density and lasting foam I could find.  In this case I chose the ILD 50 Lux HW foam which seems to work well with our cushions that have an pillow top filling.

Dacron Wrap

I added Dacron Wrap to my cushions (which is a little extra) to match the previous couch cushion foam.  The Dacron Wrap also helps make it easier to slide the new couch cushion foam into the cover.  If you choose to go this route, you do not need to adjust your measurements for the Dacron wrap.  Just use the measurements you calculated using the vendor’s measurement guide.

The total cost for this project was around $300.00 for 4 couch cushions.  Not bad, considering a brand new leather couch could set you back at least a couple thousand dollars.

Shipping Time

After placing the order I waited for about a week since for the foam to arrive. Upon arriving, I followed the instructions on the outside of the box and unpacked the foam immediately.  The foam comes compressed and wrapped in layers of plastic to minimize the shipping dimensions.  The instructions indicate that you should wait 24-48 hours for the foam expand, but I found that the foam expanded almost immediately after I unpacked it.  The foam had absolutely no odor at all to which I am very much grateful.

Installing the Foam

I went ahead and slipped the foam into the cushions and allowed it to expand inside of the cover. The fit is snug but it seemed I got the measurements right.

The end result is as follows.

Couch After New Cushions
Finished Product

And with the old cushion I made a dog bed.

Dog on Old Cushion

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