Makergear M2 and PrusSlicer

The MakerGear M2 is an old, but very reliable printer. My model M2 has been up and running consistently since I bought it in 2015. It replaced my less reliable RepRapPro Mendle, which I built from a kit, once I realized I was having less fun fixing the printer and wanted to spend more time designing and printing.

When I made the switch, free slicer software was not up to par with its commercial alternatives and as a result I used Simplify3D which was recommended for use with the printer. Simplify3D is really a a fantastic piece of software with an easy to user interface that has helped me print hundreds of high quality prints over the years. 

With that being said, it seems that development on the software has ceased completely, and no updates have been provided for almost two years now. This being said, I could continue to use the paid software, but it is quickly becoming obsolete when compared with freely available alternatives.

Of the alternatives, there are at least two I considered: Ultimaker Cura and Prusa Slic3r (prusslicer). Neither of these slicers support the MakerGear M2 out of the box. I suspect this is because the printer is a competitor and the printer is really old. Of the two options, it seems like the MakerGear community has a very hot post about supporting Prusslicer.

In the following posts, I will focus on how to transition from Simplify3D to PrusaSlicer. If you are following along, hopefully these steps will help you make the transition as well.


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